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Travel and Expense Forms

Travel Claim Attestation Form Research/Trust (editable PDF) 
Lost Receipt Declaration Form (editable PDF) 
Travel Authorization Payment (TAP) (web form) 
Hotel Authorization Payment (HAP) (web form) 

Purchasing Forms

ECE Credit Card Order Form (Editable PDF)
Low Dollar Purchase (LDP) Order Form (Editable PDF)
Low Dollar Purchase (LDP) Transaction Log Sheet (XLS)
Purchase Requisitions done online through PeopleSoft (AIS Home Page)
Interdepartmental Order/Billing - (Indent) Form (DOC)
Preferred Supplier Agreement Order Form (PDF)

Human Resources/Payroll Forms

Timesheet (all) Important Dates 2016 (XLS) 
Semi-Monthly Time Sheets (XLS) 
Exception Reporting (XLS) 
Leave Reporting Form (XLS)  
Payroll Transfer Request Form (PDF)
Visitor Assessment (HR website)
Payment Instruction/Information Form (PDF)

Graduate Student Forms

Graduate Student RA Payment Instructions Form (pdf)
Graduate student RA Offer Letter (doc)
Appendix C - Time Use Guidelines (pdf)

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